FLCL: Firestarter

No one knows how Endsville, the city of Devils, was born. But as soon as it was created it prospered, slowly eating up the world.

These words introduce a handheld game called “Firestarter”, played by Mamimi Samejima, a character of the Japanese anime “FLCL” (Fooly Cooly).

The objective of the game is to torch Endsville to purge it of its devils. However, “you mustn't burn everything. If the entire city burns down, you will have no place to stay. You will not be able to live. There can be no final victory. The only thing you can do is burn and burn.

Silverware Games is an American independent game developer studio that creates fun games for PC, Mac, mobile, and web browsers. Michael Silverman, team lead and president, has a deep love for Japanese animes, “FLCL” is amongst the most favourites and he has desired to create a game inspired to the one shown in the anime for a very long time.

I felt really honoured when Michael asked me to compose the music for his version of “Firestarter”. It was a fantastic, fun experience, and the look&feel of the game brought me back to the times when I used to play games on the Gameboy.

You may play the game here.